Below are just a few of the things our lovely clients have to say about their experience at Wellspring with Dr. Healy! Additionally, you can read the full testimonial "One Patient's Journey with Cancer" here.

Up-to-date on the latest research

"I have seen Dr. Healy for many years. She has provided me with excellent care for a number of conditions. Always a great, compassionate listener and up-to-date on the latest research in her field, Dr. Healy's guidance continues to help guide my health and wellness protocol. I highly recommend Dr. Healy and Wellspring Naturopathic Clinic." -- Marit S.



Surgery and Recovery guidance

"I have been seen by Dr. Healy for a number of years regarding my diagnosis of breast cancer. She recently put me in touch with a great surgeon, helped me to prepare for a mastectomy and recovery following the surgery. All went extremely well! I then proceeded with a course of radiation and was able to handle the side effects well with guidance from Dr. Healy! I am very pleased with the care she provides!" -- Vicki P.

Arthritis and intestinal issues

"This place is professional, knowledgable and caring. After years of arthritis pain and intestinal problems and seeing five different specialists to no avail I stepped out of my comfort zone and gave Wellspring a try. In less than three weeks I was virtually pain free. It was like a miracle to me. For Helen who hears peoples painful stories about seeing multiple specialists it was probably routine. It's been almost ten years since I walked into Wellspring and I'm still pain free. To me she is a saint and a genius." -- Jack C.



Hpv and cervical dysplasia

LOVE Dr. Healy and Wellspring!! She is so sweet and accommodating, and LISTENS, cares, zero judgement, is thorough, and takes the TIME with you. I believe Dr Healy is one of the only (if not the only) doctors in MN that has expertise with escharotic therapy to treat cervical dysplasia... her protocol is HIGHLY effective and completely clears bad cells and all trace of hpv. She is so knowledgable with the whole body, nutrition, herbs, and helps your body heal from the inside out. Highly recommend Dr Healy if you want to get to the ROOT cause of your health issue once and for all. She is very trustworthy and you will not regret it." -- Kristin N.

primary care doctor and supplements

"Dr. Helen Healy is a wonderful naturopath and health advocate. She is highly knowledgable, a great listener, and has an excellent bedside manner (she truly takes the time to answer ALL of my questions!). I have been seeing her as my primary care doctor and gynecologist for over a year and her expertise has been invaluable to my overall path back to balance. Her understanding of supplements and herbal remedies is amazing. I would highly recommend her to any woman who is in need of a doctor that you can trust to have your very best interests at heart." -- Bernadette P.